Computing and Information Sciences

College of Engineering


High performance computing (HPC) is an increasingly critical foundation for research across the disciplines, from improving the foundations of linguistic analysis to protecting lives through better bullet-resistant vests. At K-State, our cluster, “Beocat,” provides critical computational resources for millions of dollars in current research grants, and is a strategic asset on pending proposals to various funding agencies. Beocat, in the past few years, has moved from being largely irrelevant to being a core resource for multiple research groups across campus.

Currently, Beocat serves over 180 active users in a dozen departments across three colleges at K-State. Our current system is the largest research cluster in Kansas with over 2000 cores, and has been built on an official budget of $0, with users contributing different machines as resources become available. Access to Beocat is free for researchers on the K-State campus on an as-available, first-come first-served basis, to encourage researchers not to limit their goals or change their research methodologies due to charge-back models. Researchers desiring a guaranteed allocation and priority access can contribute to Beocat as funding is available.

The learn more about Beocat, visit the following links:
  • Getting An Account - Instructions on getting an account and logging in.
  • Documentation - All the official documentation and support links for Beocat.
  • About - Everything about what Beocat is, the hardware and software used, and current status of the system.
  • Projects - See some of the current research projects at K-State that are using Beocat.
  • Papers and Grants - A list of Grants, Papers, and Theses that Beocat has supported computationally.